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E3 is next week!! What are my plans for it?

The first E3 conference starts tomorrow and I thought now would be a nice time to quickly sketch out my E3 coverage plans.

Wrap-ups and my reactions to each of Mondays conferences on both the overall level and then also from a conference by conference level will be happening.  Naming the highs and lows of each conference and for the day as a whole, as well as describing the major surprises and disappointments of the day, will be rolled out throughout the week.  

At the same time as the week progresses and gameplay, let's plays and developer interviews happen I will also be collecting the major news of E3 and discussing that as well.  Finally I will be doing my annual piece on the games that most impressed me coming out of E3, as of know I have that planned for the Monday after E3, be tuned in to hear more about that.  Overall, next week will be packed to the gills with E3 content and I for one can't wait to see what lays in store for gamers across the globe and also to see how badly my E3 predictions fare.  Until then check out all the pre-E3 content I've written this week and I'll see you tomorrow.

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