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Ratchet and Clank Review

Insomniac Games newest release Ratchet and Clank is in essence a reboot of it's famed Ratchet series.  Yet, its a bit more complicated then that, as one of the characters mentions this newest game is a game about a movie about a game.  Yet what a game it is, coming out at perhaps the perfect time for me-I played the game right after finishing Uncharted 4- Ratchet offered up a thrillingly fun gameplay with a goofy and humorous story that never failed to deliver laughs and enjoyable moments along the way.

Enjoyable in fact is a pretty great way to describe this game, it's just fun and never takes itself to seriously.  There's something altogether wonderful about a game not being a dark, complex tale all the time.  Ratchet is in so many ways a throwback to an earlier era and its a welcome look at what games once were.

That said Ratchet and Clank is decidedly a game of the times, you only need look at it's jaw-dropping graphics to understand that.  This game is very easily among the best looking I have ever seen and you can't help but stop and stare at the wondrous worlds that Insomniac have created.  Vibrant, bright colors fill the screen with each world offering up blues, purples, reds, and more to explode the game in color.

The great look of the game is carried over to the game's characters as well all of whom look and sound spectacular.  A lot was made out about how this game looks like a Pixar series and on this occasion the hype totally meets up with the reality.  The game's looks are perfectly coupled with the game's stellar voice-acting, the game sparkles from this harmony of the two working together.  Every character, but particularly Captain Qwark shine here, delivering hilarious line after line, while serving as the narrator and  hero of his version of the story.

That story really is something else too.  While not the deepest and greatest by any means, it is a wonderfully fun and quick-paced one that bobs along without ever lingering too long on any planet and without ever finding itself bogged down by slower moments or the same mechanics over and over.  Indeed I feel it necessary to applaud Insomniac on the success of how enjoyable nearly the entire experience is, as we fly across the stars seeking adventure with Ratchet and Clank.

The newest Ratchet and Clank is a joyous return to form for one of PlayStation's most well-known series.  Producing some of the most thoroughly enjoyable and exciting gaming moments of the year so far for me.  Endlessly addictive and with the ability to make you laugh and smile at how fun games can truly be, Ratchet easily shoots into the top tier of games this year and in doing so signals that the era of cartoon platformers is not finished quite yet.


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