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Welcome To Lefty Loggy.com!

After many years of writing and producing content on the IGN blog community I have finally decided to launch my own website.  The sheer volume of creative ideas and energies within me, coupled with the work of very talented people from the Kinda Funny community pushed me to this move.  LeftyLoggy will be the place to find my mad ramblings on video games, movies, sports, politics, or whatever else is on me and my friends minds that day.   First though lets go back to where this all started.

Four years ago, I just happened to go to IGN and see on the homepage of the website a video titled Podcast Beyond episode 250.  Without any prior knowledge of what it was, or of who any of the people involved were(with the exception of Greg Miller, who I knew as the guy who screams THE JOKER IS DEAD in IGN's Arkham City Spoilercast and as the loony host of UP at Noon).  The decision to hit play and watch the video was completely random and could very very easily have gone the other way.  For whatever reason though I didn't simply see it and keep scrolling, instead I watched in wonder and a little bit of amazement as four guys sat on a couch calling viewers and exchanging in the same silly conversations and jokes that I did with my friends.  They were real, human, and very funny and in a instant I was hooked, that's what I wanted to do.  I wanted to be there with them. Within a month I had started my own blog on the IGN blog community.  With the simple act of hitting play on that video writing and discussing games became a big focus of my life.

Fast-forward four years and I've never stopped writing.  Over the past few years I have written dozens and dozens of reviews of games both good and bad.  Yet, I have also branched beyond that too.  Doing a series on the history of Medal of Honor, The Future of Gamestop, and why I fell out of love with Grand Theft Auto.  Even in reviews I have grown and evolved significantly, going from very basic simple reviews, to dropping the number score from my reviews and developing them into something far more complex, deep, and personal as in the case of one of my favorite written pieces, when I reviewed The Last of Us.  These were all things that were purely passion projects but that sparked something far deeper in me.  This only escalated after I graduated from college in December( GO BEARS!) and was suddenly filled with more time to devote to this.  This year I have written far more then ever before, but have also written a far broader spectrum of things, and have really begin to test my skills as a writer.  All of which led me to the decision to create my own website.

I would be absolutely remiss at this point in time if I didn't mention how huge of an inspiration Greg Miller, Colin Moriarty and the rest of Kinda Funny has been.  From the very beginning Greg and Colin have been massive in my journey in all of this, hell like I mentioned earlier I wouldn't even be writing without them.  The love and joy that they so very clearly get from all of the silly things they do on the internet is palpable and is a massive part in why so many people have been touched by them.  More then this though is the way that they interact with their community, they truly are just best friends sitting in front of a camera having a conversation with us, sharing laughs and tragedies, yet also exceptional highs like Greg winning Trending Gamer of the Year or the smashing success of Kinda Funny Live 1&2.  They are there for us, just as we are there for them.  Through it all they have been my North Star on this crazy, bizarre writing journey and as I take the next big step in this grand thing we call life it is with the knowledge that I have the incredible Kinda Funny community that the guys built, as support.

 LeftyLoggy is going to be something altogether weird and different and while I can't promise it will be perfect I can promise that I will always give it my best and that as I continue to grow and evolve so will this website and what it creates.  To those of you here at the very foundation of it all thank you, to those who come after I hope you enjoy what I have built, to everyone, great things await and it's time to start going after them. 


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