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Sunday Wrap-Up December 4th, 2016

Wow, what a low-key, uneventful PSX this year huh? Of course, I jest. From the unveiling of the Uncharted 4 single-player standalone story, to more news on the Crash remastered, to more promising teases of What Remains of Edith Finch the show was already well on it's way to being a standout showcase for PlayStation. And then, we got that one last thing and suddenly it felt like the video game industry was exploding. The Last of Us Part II. We live in crazy times and the whole giant outpouring of excitement and emotions upon all of these reveals was a great reminder of why I love games so much. Anyway, onto the wrap-up.


After finishing Infinite Warfare last week I decided to jump into altogether smaller and different games, one of them was Adrift. I'm still early on in the game, but some quick takeaways I have is that this game is silly good looking, with promising teases of a story. It really does make you feel like your in space. The downsides of this is that at least at this point, their isn't much of a story beyond those tiny teases, the gameplay takes a long time to get used too, and it turns out that trying to navigate space as an astronaut isn't the easiest thing in the world. I'll have more thoughts as the week progress's. 


I really want to like this game, I truly do, but after the first few segments right now I am getting a pretty meh vibe to the whole thing. Oxenfree is really funny and humorous at times, it's just...I feel like I'm not really doing anything. If the whole game is just walking around and having conversations that'll be fine but it won't be the amazing experience I keep hearing it is. I'm interested to see where Oxenfree takes me as I dig deeper into it's many mysteries. Again, a lot of interesting ideas and characters here, I just want to see some of them come to fruition. 

The Last of Us Part II

I believe Naughty Dog, I believe. That's all.


Everyone showing off a game at PSX. Look, making games is hard, like really really hard. You work insane hours, get criticized and scrutinized over every tiny misstep, and have to spend huge stretches of time away from your family and friends. You do it all to put forth a piece of art into the world and that's amazing, that's inspired work. Game creators don't get told often enough that what they do matters and that what they do is important. So let me say it right now, thank you. Thank you for everything all of you do, whether your game is a masterpiece or not, thank you for making games. Just, thank you.

Anywho, that's all I got, until next time everyone.

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