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PlayStation Experience: A Naughty Dog Story.

From Naughty Dog to Naughty Dog, the legendary studio opened and closed out PSX this year and in the process set the minds of people across the globe aflame, within their stunning devotion to their craft. 

The reveal of the Uncharted 4 single-player DLC was brilliantly done, with it's dark and ominous tone serving as a breathtaking departure of form from the series as a whole. The world of the game looks fantastic, did anyone expect any less from Naughty Dog? But, it's the focus on Chloe and the world that is quite literally in flames around her that most captivated me. I can't wait for this game to be in my hands.

As a quick aside, Crash Bandicoot remastered looks far better then it has any right too, Knack 2 is a real thing( total shrug for that), What remains of Edith Finch continues to capture my mind in joyously unexpected but wonderful ways. Also there was some other stuff, but who cares because that one last thing stole the entire show.

The Last of Us Part II. I won't go headfirst into the depths of my love for the Last of Us, or the myriad of reasons of why this game is so singularly exceptional. I will simply leave it by saying that yes, The Last of Us is my very favorite video game of all-time and by saying that yes, I do believe the game to be among the very finest crafted and told stories ever to grace the ages. And now Part II, the continuation of the powerful story of Joel and Ellie. There will be far far more to say about this game in the coming days, weeks, and years, but suffice it to say that as someone who has long been cautious and a little apprehensive about the prospect of a Last of Us 2 this unquestionably won me over. The news out of their PSX panel helps this even more. Ellie being the protagonist and her now being 19. Naughty Dog does great work. This looks and sounds great. I believe Sony and now I can't wait to see what lays in store. Incredible. 

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