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Sunday Wrap-Up December 18th, 2016

Outside snow lays all over the ground, the weather is a nice and toasty 15 degrees, perfect for not leaving the house and getting in the writing spirit. Real quick though, before we get to the heart of the wrap-up I would just like to mention that winter is the worst and I hate the cold. Anyway, lets go.

Batman: The Telltale Series.

I am so sick and tired of this game honestly. I have been on such a roller-coaster ride over these last few months about my feelings about the games story, yet ultimately it's Telltales totally broken games engine and not the story at all that broke me. The short story is basically my game crashed three separate times in the exact same spot, with no way to progress any further my adventure with Batman came to an abrupt end halfway through the final episode. I can't even begin to put into words how little I care about the finale now. That's such a shame too, because for years I have loved Telltale games and their ability to weave compelling, emotionally resonate, and real stories. Yet, I can no longer defend how broken these games play. Telltales Batman game has thus taken quite a beaten in terms of my year in end rankings, honestly at this point with the disaster of episode 5 still leaving a bad aftertaste in my mouth, it may ultimately not even make the top 10, which is such a sad note for this once promising game.


Netflix released a new film about a college age Barack Obama called Barry last week and it's great. It's also a very understated and meditative film, one rife with ambiguities and few clear answers. Featuring fantastic leading turns by Devon Terrell and Anya Joy-Taylor as Barry Obama and Charlotte, the film is a well-done character study of an Obama we hardly know, one in fact who hardly knows himself. This is not the film I expected to get at all, but while not perfect I am happy with the final product. Also the music in this film is excellent, do yourself a favor and give it a watch. 


I really dig this game. It's got problems, particularly some wonky game design choices and sometimes poorly explained objectives, but on the whole its a bright, colorful, very fun experience. Definitely better then anything I was expecting. Hopefully it's final act keeps up the pace, if it does this will definitely find a spot on my Game of the Year list, speaking of which...


Not much to say here, other then that narrowing down and selecting a top 10 is very very hard, I need to have a set list by next week and I have been constantly tinkering with my rankings for over a week now. Finding the right placement for every game and kicking out others, man its hard work, still I secretly love it.

I've been tinkering away more on my secret project, expect more out of that soon! Meanwhile I have also begun to look towards the end of the year and started to reflect back on all that's occurred in 2016. Good and bad this has been an important year and without stopping for just a moment and reflecting on all that occurred, how are we supposed to grow and learn? Anyway that's all I got, have a great week everyone and next time I'll see you all it will be Christmas! 

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