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Sunday Wrap-Up December 11th, 2016

It's my favorite day of the week boys and girls! That can only mean one thing, it's time for yet another installment of the Sunday Wrap-Up. I'm back from a nice walk in the cold and dreary outdoors and ready to warm up and write down some thoughts. So let's get started.


So this game is great. After watching and reading a lot about Oxenfree I was fairly sure that I might like this game, but I certainly didn't expect to love it. Then I started playing...and was so sure I had called it right. Slow, tedious, and uneventful the game's opening leaves something to be desired. I almost quit, I almost gave up on this game, thank god I didn't. Oxenfree is simply put one of the year's best games. Suddenly events in the game changed radically, things hit the fan, characters were explored and truths were exposed. All of sudden Oxenfree became one of the most raw and bittersweet tales of the teenage experience and of the consequences of messing with time. Suddenly it's exploration of friendships, family, and the past hit home in a wonderful and different way. An 80's coming of age thriller, a sci-fi mystery, and a moving tale of one girl dealing with grief, shifting friendships, and the meaning of family and responsibility, Oxenfree is fantastic even as it's far from perfect. I don't love it's ending or beginning for that matter, the gameplay is very basic and ultimately the player doesn't do a whole lot, but this game is something far more then the sum of it's parts. Play this game, you won't be let down.


I'm still in the early stages of playing Oceanhorn. I only started it yesterday afternoon and still have quite a ways to go with it, but at this early stage I can say this, Oceanhorn is fun. Simple, easy, and a rip-off of Zelda? Sure. Fun, colorful, and delightfully joyful? Yes, yes, and YES. I can nitpick here and there, but honestly at this early stage of the game, I'm just enjoying the bright, largely care-free ride, Oceanhorn just puts me in a happy mood and that's good enough for me right now. Plus I don't care if it's a Zelda clone, I've never played those games. Anyway more thoughts will be coming in the next week. 

Unnamed secret project.

So, I am just a few hours removed from having a meeting regarding an upcoming new project I will be launching soonish. Without giving too much away, because whats the fun in that? I can say that series such as Alex Talks, Colin Was Right, Last Week Tonight, and more have been major inspirations in the direction and sprit of my show. There is still a lot to be decided about the make-up and look of the show and over the next few weeks I will really dive into producing and further developing topics and outlines for it. I will also be doing some rough pilot episodes in the coming weeks as well. I'll thus have more to say as time goes on, particularly after the new year, but get hyped because something big and really cool is coming.


The fantastic 2 Player Co-Op guys, Kevin and Sean just celebrated their 50th episode with a big live stream extravaganza this past Friday. It was an amazing experience to be a part of and I couldn't possibly be happier or prouder of these guys, they are great dudes doing great work and you should absolutely support them and their future endeavors. And if that isn't enough to get you to watch the episode, you can also see them yell at me for never having played Zelda, Metal Gear, or Final Fantasy. I've got nothing but love and respect for Kevin and Sean, even if Kevin does hate Gone Home, and you should absolutely be watching these guys.

 Anyway that's all I got, until next week have a great one everybody!

P.S. Oh also today officially marks the one year anniversary of me graduating from college...so that's neat. Yay student debt!!


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