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Sunday Wrap-Up November 6th, 2016

This is going to be both a shortened edition of the wrap-up and also one that technically is a day late. I was out of town all day Sunday, GO FOOTBALL!! So, instead we are going to do a Monday edition of the Sunday Wrap-Up, anyway lets talk games and etc.

Battlefield 1

So this game is fantastic. It's really that simple. It's campaign and the short vignettes they use to tell it's story, is one that is notably resonate, powerful, and sweeping, and again and again I found myself getting caught up in the stories of the games heroes. Whether it be a standout section involving a British tank crew in the dying days of the war, or a seasoned and legendary Australian hero trying to save the future of one solider, this is a tale that weaves a story that lingers long after it's finished. Could it have been longer? Sure, but the time spent with the characters was a welcoming and incredibly important look into a place in time that is rarely discussed or shown off in any medium, let alone games. As the game noted during one particularly powerful moment, this was the lost generation of men and women, our aim should be to fix that and to tell their story.

Now that I'm done gushing over the campaign for BF1 let me gush some more over it's multiplayer. Epic is a word that is thrown around with disregard these days, but it is absolutely one that gives an apt description of the massive, multi-part Battlefield multiplayer. Featuring fights on multiple fronts and involving air, armored, and ground combat all smashing together at the same time, it has grabbed me in a way few multiplayer games have and has left me constantly thinking up new ideas for the next time. This is among the finest crafted FPS multiplayers I have ever seen and combined with the stellar campaign leaves behind one of the years most brilliant games.

As for the weekly shout-outs I am going to do something a bit different and give a shout-out to every single person, every one of them, who watched, participated in, or donated during Extra Life this weekend. The annual event in which people play games non-stop for 24 hours in order to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network is unquestionably one of my single favorite days of the year to be a gamer. It is everyone banding together for an exceptional cause and doing something they love to support something far bigger then all of us. So thank you to Greg, Colin, Nick, Tim, Kevin, Alex, Blessing, Lindsey, and so so many more who were involved with Team Kinda Funny, along with all of the other tens of thousands of people who watched, played, and give to Extra Life. I am blown away and left constantly in awe at just how wonderful this community of people is, thank you all so much for constantly reaffirming my faith and belief in people. Until next time, have a great week.

P.S. Oh also the United States is going to vote on Tuesday, which is tomorrow now I suppose. If you have not yet, go out and vote! This is the time when the voices of the millions and millions across the nation can be heard, make sure you put in your say about the direction this country should go and the people we want to represent us to the globe. This is a big election so make sure to vote, it matters, it's important, and it can cause real change. VOTE.

Hope, Trump, and silly little games.

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