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Sunday Wrap-Up November 13th, 2016

Well what a week its been eh? We got ourselves a new President-Elect and people have A LOT of diverse and powerful feelings about it. I have put some thoughts down so you can check that out here. Otherwise all I can really say is i'm stunned but hopeful. I'm an optimist after all. Anyway lets talk games and whatnot.

Battlefield One

Yo this game really is something great. Finally finished up its campaign today and will certainly have a lot of thoughts over it in the coming days but for right now its safe to say that the way the game makes you feel while playing it is something unique and and special for the FPS genre. The bated breath, the utter and total destruction of everything you can see, nowhere safe to go at times. This is as thrilling, intense, and visceral an experience I have played perhaps the entire year and it treats war in way that few, if any game has done before it. Play this ASAP.

On Tap

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare is the next big game I am going to be jumping into next. I have only heard great things about this newest COD game and I'm eager and excited to jump into one of my favorite series, newest installments. 

I had hoped I would have the NES Classic right now, but Nintendio's baffling decision to not allow pre-order's online has left me empty-handied for right now, as soon as I can get one though, I will probably play nothing other then that. #Gethyped

Shout Outs!!

Everybody should do themselves a favor and check out the wonderful Justin Davis's new project Start Tomorrow.  Justin has long been someone who I have greatly admired and deeply respected in the games industry. His sharp, funny, insightful, and always illuminating opinions have opened up and impacted my own thoughts on games, even or perhaps particularly when we don't see eye to eye. 

He's now putting his immense talent and insight to a wonderful and much welcome new project. Start Tomorrow as conveyed in it's opening statement is a place to discuss and have conversations about politics, media, science, and possibly even bugs. It's more then that though its a place where people of different viewpoints, outlooks, and creeds can come together, discuss, debate, and ultimately band together to start tomorrow, today. I love the message, theme, and overriding tenants of the site and can't wait to see it grow and expand. 

Anywho, that's all I got for right now, until next time have a great week everyone.

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