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Hope, Trump, and silly little games.

Trump won. I have sat here looking at that line, stunned for a long time. I meant to write this days ago. I needed time to gather my thoughts.

The reasons are complicated, many, and ultimately not very important in this immediate aftermath. Some are happy. Some are in complete despair. The reality, the truth like is so often the case, surely lays somewhere in the middle. A segment of America was failed. Not by Barack Obama, not by Hillary Clinton, but by decades of American Policy. They were mocked, called names, and treated as dumb, simple rednecks. Some are, more aren't. 

We live in complicated times. Troubling times. I have spent my entire life, almost from my first breath, loving and studying the complex, soaring, maddening, and zigzagging history of America. I love this place so much it hurts some times. I think we have made our fair share of mistakes and missteps. Yet, I am resolute in my unwavering belief in the truth that the story of America is the best damn one out there, that it is ultimately the most inspired and hopeful tale out there. We have survived wars, scandals, disasters both foreign and domestic, we will survive Trump. We are much more then the worst aspects of our country. The fear, anger, sorrow, racism, and hatred of others that exists out there. I know this to be true. 

I talk about Video Games a lot, I like them, it's something I enjoy. In troubling times, we need something to put a smile on our faces. One of the many reasons The Last of Us has wedged itself a singular and special place in my heart is it's role in helping me to grieve in the immediate aftermath of my grandmother's passing. Games are messy, silly, complicated, inspiring things, why can't they help us through moments that are all of those things too. So I play, I feel better, I've always enjoyed a good story.

Hamilton is a musical, in case you have never heard of it you should go listen to it's whole soundtrack right now, I'll wait...It's pretty great isn't it? Detailing the life of Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton from his origins as a bastard son of a whore and a scotsmen to his rise to become one of the most influential men in American history. The story that creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda weaves is one seeped with tragedy and sorrow, yet also one of the most inspirational I have ever come across, it is a story that ultimately transcendences Hamilton and becomes a larger one about America itself. That story is beautiful. 

We the people in order to form a more perfect union. What a wonderfully apt and masterful way to open the document that created the America we know today. America is not perfect, far from it some would say, perhaps their right, what do I know? Yet, despite it all we constantly strive to form a more perfect union. Three steps forward, then one step back, then yet another sideways. We push and work and move forward. The arc of history is long and almost exclusively difficult, yet it unmistakably bends towards justice. Towards good.

So if you aren't happy with the election result or even if you are, remember one of the great lines ever spoken, uttered by the man who better understood, who better knew of the greatness and good that lay within the soul of us all then any other person. Remember arguably the greatest among us, Abraham Lincoln.  In the closing sentences of the Gettysburg Address President Lincoln said simply "it is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us." America is never finished. The work remains, we have a great task before us, just as they did in 1863 and just as they did in 1776 or 1941. Grieve, find solace, and mediate if you need and then remember the great task before us and be inspired by the giants who've come before us, whose footsteps we walk in. Washington, Tubman, King, Roosevelt, Ali, and so so many others who represent the very greatest of this country. Remember Abraham Lincoln and remember who we are and be inspired. Play games, listen to music, talk about silly, absurd, crazy things and make this world a little bit brighter. Let us all be dedicated to the great task before us and do our part to form a more perfect union, to do what we can for this crazy, unbelievable experiment that is America and never stop believing in our better angels.

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