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Sunday Wrap-Up October 9th, 2016

Hey everyone! This week's wrap-up is going to be a little bit shorter due to me playing Mafia 3, getting ready for tonight's debate, and having a dinner later today.  So let's jump right in.

Mafia 3

I really really like this game. It's not perfect, but the story it tells is one of the most important out there. I'm definitely gonna be talking and writing a lot more about this one, but right now a few hours into the game I absolutely love it's story, characters, and presentation. It's gameplay and the actual mechanic's of the game I am still learning and maybe leave a little bit to be desired, but I really do enjoy what I've played so far.

More importantly though are the themes and issues this game has tackled. Powerfully taking on  racism, sexism, the brutality of the old south, and the crippling and devastating effects of long-term poverty and the feeling of powerlessness that goes with it, this game forces players to dive headfirst into this weighty tale and it manages to do so in a manner that never shy's away from the hard realities. 

Anyway, I gotta head out, sorry again about this week's wrap-up being shorter. As for things to expect this week, I am planning quite a bit of exciting things regarding not just Mafia 3, but also other games and shows. Until then, have a great weekend. 

Sunday Wrap-Up October 16th, 2016

Virginia Review.