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Sunday Wrap-Up October 30th, 2016

It's Halloween Weekend!!!  I don't actually have anything to write about that. Still, this is a very nostalgia heavy time of the year for me and I always enjoy candy, so I'm just soaking it all in right now. Anyway onto the games talk.

Mafia 3

I think I've finally given up on Mafia 3. My feelings and thoughts on this game are so all over the place and wildly divergent that it's hard to put into words. Getting one shout-out out of the way, my newest piece for Irrational Passions went up and it covers Mafia 3's exceptional story and themes regarding race relations in the 1960's deep south. 

It's at turns brutal, hard to experience, raw, and brilliantly done. I stand by my assertion that it is the year's most important story in games. Having said all of that, the game really isn't all that fun. It's not that it's awful or terrible to play, but Mafia is unbelievably repetitive, to a degree that hours and hours in still stuns me. The first time you take down a racket it's exciting, clever, and full of tough choices. By the fifth, sixth, and seventh time however you just find yourself on autopilot. How little they changed floors me, and while the side missions and boss takedowns offer up some excitement it is hardly enough to make up for the games many failings in this regard. 

Anyway, Mafia 3 is alright and that makes me sad. You should read my piece on the games excellent story though. It's far and away one of the written pieces I am most proud of and I have gotten a lot of super nice responses to it.

Batman the Telltale Series Episode 3

Aside from that I also played the third episode of Telltales Batman series and basically it was just really ok. Incredible highs and the lowest of lows. I'll have a review of the game going up in the next few days, but basically this season is a mess that is saved in large part by Harvey Dent, Selina Kyle, and their interactions with Bruce Wayne.

Battlefield One

Oh, also I have just started playing Battlefield One and damn this game is something really special. I am still very early into the game, but I am struck by just how emotionally resonate and powerful it is. Can't wait to dig deeper into this, it's something really special I think. 

Any who as for this week's shout-outs it's pretty easy. Stop what your doing and go watch the newest episode of Alex Talks. It is quite simply phenomenal. Covering experiences and games and the way that people can experience a wide diversity of well, experiences playing the same game, it is one of the best video essays on games I have ever seen and yet again shows off just how silly talented Alex O'Neill is. Seriously watch the episode.

I've had a pretty great weekend and this new week only looks to be even better. Have a fantastic and spooky Halloween everyone. Until next week, have a great one guys and gals.

P.S. Oh also if you support Kinda Funny on Patron you should absolutely watch this months' new exclusive involving Tim and his girlfriend Gia, its great! Anyway bye for real. :)


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