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Sunday Wrap -Up October 23rd, 2016

Man what a week. Some pretty big things happened this week, but that can all wait one second, as instead I'd like to start the wrap-up by talking about Hamilton.

So, PBS aired a documentary on the making of Hamilton, a few days ago and I finally watched it this morning, simply put, it was exceptional. I love Hamilton. I love the way it crafts one of the most expertly written musicals of the modern age. I love the way it excites people about history, about all the wonderful things about it. I love the way that it is a big, beautiful, moving, tragic, and stunningly masterful love letter to America and all the good and bad about it. As someone who's greatest passion and love arguably lays in history and politics, I adore what the play has done in getting people passionate about history. 

I have always said for years that history; real, troubling, difficult, yet inspiring history, is the greatest most unbelievable story out there. Hamilton, and many other excellent novels, and films of history are wonderful illustrations of this. Alexander Hamilton is one of the most important, flawed, brilliant, and larger then life figures in American history and Lin Manuel Miranda beautifully captures his story and that of the other founders, and in doing so helps to convey in a wonderfully touching manner just what makes this crazy little experiment called America so special.  I read the biography the play is based off of years ago, since then I have read scores of additional biographies, some astounding in the mastery of their subject, some less so, through it all I have been reaffirmed in my belief that history really is the craziest, most fantastical story.

Anyway, enough Hamilton talk. I'm just gonna jump right to the shout-outs for the week, because there are more then a few. First, lets start with a big one. Irrational Passions just celebrated it's 300th episode in big, bold style. I owe a great deal to Alex and am incredibly proud and happy for him on such a huge milestone. That guy really is one of the hardest working, talented people out there, and he deserves every good thing that comes his way. Irrational Passions is such a wonderful creation and I couldn't be prouder to write for the site and get to know the people who make it up, much love and respect guys!

Next, we turn to Trevor Starkey who wrote a really excellent piece about attending the IGN 20th Anniversary celebration a week ago. Written as a medieval tale it is one of the cleverest, most funny, and brilliantly organized pieces I've seen in some time, do yourself a favor and read it. 

Also the 2-Player Co-Op guys are finally back after a couple of weeks off and in their welcome back episode they spend 30 minutes talking before actually discussing games and reminded me all over again just why I love these guys. They are super talented and funny and you should definitely give the episode a watch.

Today is a beautiful Sunday morning and the duel threat of the inspired work of all of my many friends, coupled with the inspiration and brilliance of Hamilton and so much of our history has me feeling particularly fired up and ready to do some great work. We are a country, a place of exceptional acts and accomplishments and I always try to remember that. We walk in the footsteps of giants and I am inspired  and moved everyday by that. Until next time guys and gals, have a great weekend.


Sunday Wrap-Up October 30th, 2016

Alright Nintendo you have my attention. A Nintendo Switch Reaction.