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Alright Nintendo you have my attention. A Nintendo Switch Reaction.

Nintendo has a special, complicated, and ultimately conflicted relationship with me. I grew up playing the N64, falling in love with the wondrous and ground-breaking Mario 64. Being in awe of the console's jump to the 3D realm and the iconic games that defined it.

I never got a GameCube though, going down the path of PlayStation instead. The early promising days of the Wii brought me back in love with Nintendo, the empty, hollow close of the console mixed with the awfulness of the WiiU turned me firmly against Nintendo.

I've not been super impressed by the many rumors of the NX going into yesterday's trailer, yet it was with childlike glee as I slowly found myself surprised, no, in love with the promise of the Switch. The tablet looked solid, large, and beautiful. The controllers are different and look perhaps a little tiny, but it didn't matter in the moment. 

Taking it on the go, was something I wasn't in love with, yet watching it in action I was stunned, for three and a half minutes I found myself falling for Nintendo in a way I haven't in years. Perhaps not since the days of the N64, when I first discovered games.

It's got a long way to go until March of course. We still don't know a ton about the console, including for example its price. Yet, the first glimpses of a new 3D Mario, the first real one since Galaxy, has me over the moon. Honestly though, it's the Switch's early promising third party involvement that perhaps has me most excited. 

This is a console that wants to avoid what doomed the WiiU, and Wii, and well really every Nintendo console since the SNES. Nintendo knows this, and seem to be making a point to show that they've learned some hard lessons, and are ready and willing to change. 

Look, I can point out things that I am still concerned about, things I still have questions about( just how much does it cost?), yet ultimately none of that matters here in the immediate aftermath of the Switch announcement as much as the feeling Nintendo has recreated here. The feeling of the Nintendo of old, the Nintendo with something to prove, who's hungry and determined to show that their not finished, that their best days aren't long gone and that they can still wow, impress us, and leave us shaking our heads and smiling at that elusive, complex, mostly wondrous Nintendo magic. That's what I'm gonna choose to believe right now, in the aftermath of the reveal of what might be the last Nintendo console ever. I believe in Nintendo right now, lets see where this crazy ride takes us.

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