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Sunday Wrap-Up October 16th, 2016

So at the time of writing this it appears that the long-rumored Red Dead sequel may finally be getting ready to be unveiled by RockStar. This out of nowhere news, coupled with Alex O' Neill's stunning and deeply troubling confession that he doesn't like RockStar games and has never played Bully, got me thinking about all of the various games from the studio. So, lets start there.

Bully is dope AF

I love Bully. I've written about this before, just a few months back in fact, but this game really is something special. It's unlike any other RockStar game, it brilliantly captures the feel and world of just being a dumb kid in high school. It wonderful places you in it's world, in the mindset of its various characters better then arguably any RockStar game. But, it's more then that, it's fun in a way RockStar games aren't anymore. It's a game about kids in a private school and the stakes and story reflect this. From halloween parties, to going to class, to pulling pranks, its a wonderful time capsule of what it was like to be in school. Plus, it's nice to play a RockStar game and not be a awful human being for once. So yeah, Bully is great and you should play it.

Mafia 3

I'm still banging away at this game and there really is something too it. It has flaws, although I at least have been lucky enough to have no real technical hiccups. But, what this game does with it's story, characters, and the world and time its set in, is something next level. This is a living, breathing, troubled, gritty, morally corrupted place and I love to explore it and discover it's many dark and not so dark secrets. 

Hell, just the way it handles race and sex-relations in the game would be enough to keep me hooked. They got some true master story-tellers over there at Hanger 13 and they should be damn proud of what they've made. I think I'm close to half-way through the game now and fingers crossed that by this time next week I'll be finishing up the game and writing up my review.

Happy 20th Birthday IGN!!!!

IGN, the site that has played such a huge role in my development both personally and professionally threw a massive party to celebrate 20 years. Featuring IGN legends past, present, and almost certainly future. It looked like an absolute blast and my sadness at not being there, was kept at bay by the fact that so many there have shared photos, stories, and more and allowed me to experience it somewhat. I love IGN, I have for years now and will always do so.

I tell the story all the time about the impact and change listening to Greg Miller, Colin Moriarty, and Goldie and Clements on Beyond 250 had on me, I mean for one thing I wouldn't be sitting here writing this without them. I have always loved games, but it was these four guys sitting together in a room, being dumb, and trading silly stories back and forth that showed me there is something far more, far deeper, and more intrinsic to it all. It is through the simple act of listening to them talk about games for an hour, that so much in my life has changed; dreams have been awakened, and I have had the privilege of making incredible new friends. I love Greg and Colin for so many diverse, wonderful, and special reasons, but the world they have opened me up to and the amazing people they have led me to is pretty damn close to the top. Marty, Ryan McCaffrey, Dameon, Krupa, Tilly, Lucy the Lion O' Brien, Mitch, and so so many more, make up what I have always loved about IGN, the brilliant and wonderful people who work there. So Happy Birthday IGN, here's to seeing you at the next big bash. 

As for shout-outs for the week it's an easy one this time. My good buddy( even if he does hate RockStar) Alex O'Neill just published the second episode of this new season of Alex Talks on Friday and it's great. Dealing with mysteries in games and covering games like Dark Souls and Splunkey, this should have absolutely been something about as far away from my interests and gaming tastes as possible. Yet, in just a few minutes Alex wonderfully opened up and explored an avenue of these games that I had never considered and made me rethink, if only ever so slightly, my longstanding dislike of them. It is a great new entry of Alex Talks and yet another promising taste of the heights to which it and Alex can go, do yourself a favor and check it out.

And with that, have yourself a great Sunday and I'll see you next time.

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